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International Women’s Day with Forever’s Badass Heroines

What does “badass heroine” mean to you?

Emotional and physical strength? Commitment to family? Confidence? Bravery?

Each day at Forever is filled with celebrating women’s stories, and this International Women’s Day, the team is sharing some of their most memorable badass heroines.

Happy reading! We hope you find some new favorites.

From Editor Alex Logan: “Roarke Brennan thinks he’s going to save his best friend’s little sister, Wren Lee. But Wren is all grown up with sexy confidence and a secret past. She’s been to hell and back, and she won’t let anyone stop her, especially her childhood crush. From the moment Wren rides her motorcycle back into Roarke’s life, it’s clear that years of longing and chemistry are about to burn blazing hot.”


From editor Madeleine Colavita: “Under the dictionary definition of “badass heroine,” you will find a picture of Arin Siri, from Piper J. Drake’s Fierce Justice. As a sniper and K9 handler on a search and rescue team, Arin has to be tough and independent. But her prickly exterior hides a woman who’s protective of those she loves and loyal to a fault. No matter the mission, she’s a woman I’d want by my side.”


From editorial assistant Gabi Kelly: “No one does a badass heroine quite like Kristen Ashley! I love Laurie from Sweet Dreams because when her life falls apart, she decides to take control and find her own happiness. And let’s be real, anyone who falls in love with Tate Jackson has to be the ultimate badass.”


From editor Amy Pierpont: “When Elizabeth Hoyt told me the heroine of Not the Duke’s Darling, the first book in her all-new Greycourt series, wanted to burn down the patriarchy, I could not wait to meet her! And Freya de Moray exceeded my wildest expectations. As if being a ranking member of a secret society intent on protecting women from—well, the patriarchy—wasn’t cause enough to love her, her first “kiss” with the hero will go down as one of the most kickass first kisses ever!”


From editor Leah Hultenschmidt: “My badass pick is Carrigan O’Malley from THE WEDDING PACT by Katee Robert. Carrigan is a woman who knows what she wants, and she’s not afraid to go after it. She utterly defies her family and rescues herself—twice! Plus, she can more than stand up to the formidable James Halloran. I love a good enemies-to-lovers story, and these two are just electric on the page because Carrigan gives as good as she gets.”

From editor Lexi Smail: “As a hacker with autism, Sayward Diaz has always been more comfortable with computers than humans. But when her family’s ties to a Colombian drug cartel put her in danger, Sayward not only has to get comfortable with having a super sexy bodyguard around all the time, but she also has to confront the deadly killer who is determined to eliminate her. Watching Sayward meet her demons head on makes for a great love story and an epic suspense where this badass woman becomes the champion of her own story.”

From editorial assistant Cristina Lupo: “Callie Lawrence – the heroine in Jessica Sorensen’s The Coincidence of Callie & Kayden – will always be a badass in my mind. Callie endures so much trauma and manages to persevere and find her happily-ever-after. That’s my definition of badass.”


From the marketing team: “We couldn’t pick so as a group, we picked three. How can you choose between a medieval researcher (Day of the Dragon), a CSI agent living with Congenital Heart Defect (Deadly Obsession), or a young seamstress who follows her dreams to a city where she knows no one (The Paris Seamstress)? They are all so cool in their own ways.”